As the temperature rises outside, the same goes for inside your car. We has some helpful tips about the heat in your vehicle.

Sun or heat can actually damage or destroy your vehicle’s interior from faded upholstery, cracked dashboard, cracked leather upholstery, and even a cracked steering wheel. If you use a sunshade, you can help the resale of your vehicle. The value can drop as much as RM3,000 to RM5,000 with interior sun and heat damage.

The average cost of a car sunshade is RM19.90. Sunshades help passengers avoid burning themselves on a vehicle’s upholstery, steering wheel, and seats. You can buy it here

What people normally do to decrease the in car temperature?
– Turn on the A/C to the maximum as soon as the start the engine
– Wind down all the windows

Here, we found a much more effective way to reduce the in car temperature in 10 seconds.

How it works?
1. Wind down the window on one side
2. Open the door on the opposite side and close it
3. Repeat for 10 times