Most of us car owners spend an awful lot of time in our vehicles, whether commuting to work, driving the kids to soccer practice, or just hauling groceries. As most petrolheads would agree, good owners are not judged by the cars they drive but by how they maintain their cars. In short, if you feel good about your current car, you’re less likely to be tempted to buy a new one.

Here are some easy ways to make your older car feel like a new one.

1.    Clean and Organise
It’s the simplest form of keeping your car neat. Cleanliness should be practised every time you get in and out of your car by hitting both of your legs against each other to remove Do not eat or throw anything in your car as they can contribute to foul smells or attract pests. Have a tiny bin to throw your rubbish and make sure to empty it whenever you get out of your car. Dust and wipe your interior at least once a week and spend a little on interior detailing once a year to keep your interior looking new. Use a Ziplock bag or a compartment box to put your car manuals, tools, phone charger torchlight, umbrella and any other small items.

2.    Change your floor mat, handbrake, gear knob and pedals
Little things matter and the saying reflects nowhere else better than the inside of your car. Pay attention to your hand brakes, gear knobs and pedals. They are often fitted with generic, casual trims but after-market suppliers offer a variety of attractive designs that are made out of aluminium, leather, carbon fibre, plastic or wood. Opt for that and make sure to follow a consistent design throughout the cabin when doing so. For example, if you are going for a wood trim, make sure the design is the same in the interior to project a uniformed theme. Choose a floor mat that’s both comfortable and eye-catching. Most cars are fitted with plain black floor mats but there are many attractive colour combinations available by after-market dealers. It is a simple but an attractive change.

3.  Car polishing/ waxing

Beside washing your car regularly, you will need to send your car for polish at least once half yearly. Car polishing is an essential step when getting your car cleaned or serviced. Many car owners do not understand the benefits of car polishing. This is why they end up skipping this step. The result is having a fairly cleaner car than before but with all the visual defects still present. Polishing your car The price is usually more than 50% off the regular price. You can visit website like myfave for such offers.