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How to make your old car look new again?

Most of us car owners spend an awful lot of time in our vehicles, whether commuting to work, driving the kids to soccer practice, or just hauling groceries. As most petrolheads would agree, good owners are not judged by the cars they drive but by how they maintain their cars. In short, if you feel […]

How to prepare a car for long road trip?

A long trip is a serious test for your car and even a small problem such as a worn windshield wiper, out-of-balance tire can cause a lot of troubles. We have prepared a few simple tips on how to prepare your vehicle for a trip. However, this checklist does not include many other important items […]

In car temperature

As the temperature rises outside, the same goes for inside your car. We has some helpful tips about the heat in your vehicle.

Sun or heat can actually damage or destroy your vehicle’s interior from faded upholstery, cracked dashboard, cracked leather upholstery, and even a cracked steering wheel. If you use a sunshade, you can help […]

Is Your Gas Cap on the Left or the Right?

Do you always have the problem of looking for the location of the gas cap? Left or Right?

More often than not, you had the moments of awkwardly craning your neck out the window in hopes of seeing (or not seeing) the gas door on the driver’s side.

You can actually find a tiny arrow beside your […]